French Fregate フレンチフリゲート礁

French_Fregate_Tern_Island Isles of Refuge: Wildlife and History of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (Latitude 20 Books)

I saw the French Fregate from the flight from Honolulu to Tokyo.

In March, 1942, IJN Flying Boat Kawanishi's "Emily" was arrived and had a refueling from I-Submarines, then made the second unsuccesful bombing at the Pearl Harbour.


Kure Atoll

Kure Atoll Kure_Atoll_satellite
Locating at the west end of Northeastern Hawaiian Islands, Kure Atoll is the northen-most atoll in the world. In the Green Island at right side, there is a runway once operated by U.S. Coast Guard and there was a LORAN station

Upon Midway operation by Japan Imperial Navy, Kure Atoll was planned to be a seaplane base before the invasion to Midway. Light aircraft carrier "Chitose" carried the seaplanes as well as midget submarines.




Welcome to Midway Atoll and NW Hawaiian Islands, where you will enjoy beautiful blue lagoon with seabirds and oceanic wildlife!

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